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Travel ideas

Below are presented some ideas for half day excursions from Ljubljana. The quoted distances are for the return trip (to the destination and back).

Lake Bled

Half day, 110 km for a round trip.

Visit the charming lake resort of Bled, famous for a church on an island in the middle of a lake, a medieval castle perched on a cliff high above the lake, and splendid views of surrounding Alpine peaks.

Take a walk around the lake and taste the ‘kremšnita’ vanilla-custard-and-cream cake, one of the best known Slovenian desserts. Take a boat ride to the Bled Island and visit the museum at Bled Castle.

Kranjska Gora

Half/full day, 170 km for a round trip.

The famous mountain resort of Kranjska Gora lies in the heart of the Julian Alps, just by the border with Austria and Italy. Apart from Kranjska Gora, a popular recreational and tourist centre, you can also discover all the natural beauty offered by this Alpine part of Slovenia. You can visit the peaceful lake Jasna, the Zelenci nature reserve and Planica valley, where the world cup of ski jumping finals is taking part in every year.

Postojna Cave

Half day, 120 km for a round trip.

The Postojna Caves, one of Slovenia’s most notable natural sights, consist of a 27-kilometre system of underground caves, tunnels, galleries and halls with spectacular dripstones. A small cave train will take you on a tour around the caves, which are also known for providing habitat for Proteus anguinus, an endemic amphibian salamander.


Half day/full day, 270 km for a round trip.

One of the loveliest towns anywhere along the Adriatic Coast, picturesque Piran, sits prettily at the tip of a narrow peninsula. Its Old Town – one of the best-preserved historical towns anywhere in the Mediterranean – is a gem of Venetian Gothic architecture, but it can be a mob scene at the height of summer. In quieter times, it’s hard not to fall instantly in love with the atmospheric winding alleyways, the sunsets and the seafood restaurants.