16th international conference on the European energy market

Valerija Korošec

Independent Researcher

Presentation title: Universal-Trade-Democratic (UTD) concept in domain of energy poverty

Mrs Valerija Korošec, Ph.D., has been employed at the Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development (IMAD) of the Slovenian Government since 2001. She is engaged in analyzing the European social policy and data on poverty, inequality, material deprivation, social exclusion and gender equality, as well as Sustainable Development Goals and different synthetic development indicators, such as the Human Development Index, Social Progress Index, Prosperity index, etc.

Besides working for IMAD, she is an independent researcher of a new, zaUTD social policy approach, which integrates the unconditional uniform universal system with the ‘Trade’ and ‘Democratic’ system and so upgrades the concept of social market system. Upon this conceptual approach she has built some political pragmatic proposals. In 2010 she published an algorithm for a budget neutral introduction of basic income in Slovenia and started to develop the idea of universal job guarantee coupled with the idea of shorter working week. She is regularly invited to present her work at different meetings and workshops in Slovenia or to international organizations. She presented this three-dimensional system at the conference “Slovenia 2030” – Change for an efficient social state, organised by Borut Pahor, President of the RS, in 2015 (“Slovenia 2030” – Change for efficient social state organized by the president of RS, Borut Pahor in 2015).  She presented the MEFISTO, EUROMOD microsimulation of this approach in the field of child benefits, at the Universal Child Grant conference in Geneva organised by UNICEF and ILO in 2019.

Mrs Valerija KOROŠEC holds a PhD in Postmodern Sociology from the University of Maribor, MSc in European Social Policy (MESPA program organized by the EU and the University of Ljubljana) and a degree in Moral Education, Faculty of Education, University of Maribor. She is a representative of Slovenia in the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) and the European Network for the Fair Sharing of Working Time.

List of sessions

Energy Policy and Regulation design in Europe

Friday, 20.9 @ 11:00