16th international conference on the European energy market
Wednesday, 18.9 @ 14:00


The main aim of COMPILE is to show the opportunities of energy islands for decarbonisation of energy supply, community building and creating environmental and socioeconomic benefits.

Location: P1-C0

In accordance with European Commission (EC) and its document “Guidelines to the Rules on Open Access to Scientific Publications and Open Access to Research Data in Horizon 2020″ we would like to inform you that interested audience can attend this session free of charge!

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In the special session Mr. Tomi Medved from UL will present the project in more detail with all the progress made so far. Mr. Gašper Artač from PETROL will present the projects main pilot site Luče and Mr. Boris Pavlin from ZEZ will present pilot site Križevci and their successful crowdlending campaign “Sunny roofs”. The special session will also include a presentation from Mr. Stanislas D’Herbemnot from RESCOOP, who will present the overview of EU progress in the field of EnC, their definitions and best practices around the EU.


Mr d’Herbemont holds two Master’s degree from the Technical University of Mainz and the Ecole Supérieur du Commerce Extérieur (International Management, Audit & Finance).

Before joining REScoop.eu, he served as coordinator of the Tournesol MicroGrids association that worked on the problematics of grid decentralization and citizens participation. He joined REScoop.eu in 2016, as a project manager for the REScoop PLUS project. He is also involved in the COMPILE project for the association.

Finally, he has been supporting the team of other H2020 projects such as WiseGRID and FLEXcoop.

Mr. Artač, PhD., graduated (2008) and received his doctorate (2013) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. From 2008 to 2013, he was a young researcher from the industry of the company GEN-I, d.o.o. and at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. In the year 2013 until the end of 2016, he was employed by GEN-I, d.o.o. first as a market analyst and later as a senior market analyst. He is currently employed as Head of the Energy Management Centre in Petrol d.d., where he is responsible for the development of the Energy Management Centre and the development of analytical support for trading and purchasing energy products.

Mr. Medved graduated at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, in 2012.

From 2013 to 2017 he was employed at Elektro Energija d.o.o., the biggest electricity retail company in Slovenia, where he worked in risk management and market analytics department.

He is also a PhD candidate working as a researcher at the Laboratory of Energy Policy (LEST) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering since 2011. His main research topics are Smart Grids, renewable integration, demand response optimization, electricity markets modelling and policy design.

He is active in the ongoing EU projects (STORYCONSEEDCROSSBOW) and is Deputy coordinator of H2020 project COMPILE.

Mr. Pavlin, PhD, is an energy efficiency and renewable energy expert. Within the ZEZ coop, he works as the project manager for EU projects in the area of RES, sustainable development and energy independent regions. He is the main author of many studies, including innovative models of RES utilization in Croatia. Boris obtained his doctoral degree in the PhD program “Sustainable Energy and Technologies” from the University of Bolzano in Italy and is one of the coop’s founding members.