16th international conference on the European energy market
GoFlex – Flexibility markets (H2020 projects)
Friday, 20.9 @ 14:00

GoFlex – Flexibility markets (H2020 projects)

The GOFLEX (Generalized Operational FLEXibility for Integrating Renewables in the Distribution Grid) project developed a marketplace for distributed flexibility in energy systems with selectable cloud-based services and a unique way of collecting and trading available flexibilities.

Location: P1-C0

In accordance with European Commission (EC) and its document “Guidelines to the Rules on Open Access to Scientific Publications and Open Access to Research Data in Horizon 2020″ we would like to inform you that interested audience can attend this session free of charge!
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The GOFLEX concept named FlexOffer is a general format for capturing demand/supply flexibility of loads in time, energy amount, and price, and associated constraints, e.g., in power. An FlexOffer Manager (FMAN) tool was developed for aggregating, dis-aggregating, performing delegated trading is able to manage large amounts of FlexOffers, and optimize the portfolio with a number of objectives.


Mr. Dumbs (MODERATOR of this session) has been working in the field of power system optimization for more than 20 years (R&D division, renewable energy, islanding, smartgrid…). He graduated from RWTH Aachen University/Germany and Ecole Centrale Paris/France and holds a PhD in power systems engineering from Ecole des Mines Paris. Christian joined Enedis in 2016 as a coordinator of the InterFlex project.

Mr. Willems holds a bachelor’s degree in Technical Computer Science and a Master degree in Telematics. He has more than 25 years of experience in consulting and project management in the telecommunication, high voltage and asset management area. He works as a senior project manager at Enexis and is a workplace leader for the Interflex project in the Netherlands.

Mr. Wagner joined ENEDIS 10 years ago to work in the field of network investment optimization, MV line live working and distribution operations. He is now the project manager of Interflex French demonstration: Nice Smart Valley. He graduated from Supelec in France and KTH – Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Mr. Bach Pedersen is an internationally renowned computer science professor working on  Big Data analytics (descriptive/predictive/prescriptive) and DW/OLAP. He is an ACM Distinguished Scientist and Member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. He has (co)led the MIRABEL EU FP7, ForskEL Totalflex, IFD Flexible Energi Denmark, and H2020 GOFLEX projects on flexible energy. His work on the FlexOffers for energy flexibility received several awards.

Mr. Marinšek has graduated and holds PhD from University of Ljubljana. He is co-founder of INEA d.o.o. and presently Advisor to General Manager. He co-authored a number of innovations in the field of demand side management, recognized by several awards, including one for MIRABEL FP7 project. Zoran is Member of Slovenian Academy of Engineering, and member of the Steering committee of Euro-CASE Energy platform. In GOFLEX project, he is Scientific & Technical manager.

Dipl. Inf. univ. Ludwig Karg is CEO of B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH München/Berlin. For 25 years

he has been responsible for sustainability consulting projects and the development of numerous climate and energy concepts for cities, municipalities and regions. He led German and international RDI projects on sustainability in all types of smart energy systems. He supports ERA-Net SES and is a co-leader of EC BRIDGE taskforce on Local Energy Communities.